Life lessons…

We all get them. Weather good or bad, every single one of us has hit that moment where we know we have just been taught a lesson. That, ‘okay, I’m listening’ moment strikes up at least a time or two before we realize that maybe we should have learned the last time this happened. Weather it be leaving without preparing, sharing more than you should, borrowing something you shouldn’t have, or even just not being as polite as we should have been.. You have been there. I have been there. We have all been there and I particularly went there again today.

For those who don’t know, I leave for Germany in only one week and three days. WOAH. This last week has been nothing but stress. Will I have enough money? What if something happens? I’m going to miss my mom so much. I’m going to miss my cats. I can’t do this. I can do this. I will do this. Will I get the luggage on Black Friday? Okay, I got the luggage. Does it weigh too much? What if I forget something? Make up! I must stock up on anything American that Germany may not have.. including my favorite brand of makeup. (Dream matte mouse, for those curious) Is my purse big enough? I must buy a new purse. or three.

Anyways, back to the point. I work on commission. I set businesses up with the ability to accept credit cards. I do not get paid hourly or by how many calls I make. I get paid per account I sign up, chase down, stalk and get accepted. I average about 4 accounts a week. This month, the owners presented a bonus to all sales account managers. Get 20 accounts and get a $1000 check at the end of the month. Totally feesable.. right? Work extra hard and it will happen. Wrong. Thanksgiving week is a killer in this business. No one will even touch anything regarding a business the week of Thanksgiving. America just shuts down for a week. Unless we are talking about a retail store, in that case, they never shut down. The week of Thanksgiving set me to 8 apps for the month of November. That meant I needed 12 apps in the last week. Not happening.

When I got to work Monday, the bonus was mentioned. I said right then and there, “It’s not happening.” They said it was possible. I doubted them. Four apps a week was my average, nine apps a week was the company’s record for a single agent, and I needed 13  to confirm the bonus. It was unheard of and impossible. This is how the week went.

Monday- No approved apps. Stalked my previous weeks leads.

Tuesday- ONE approved apps. Stalked my previous days leads.

Wednesday- Sick. And I mean SICK. I had a major sinus issue going on.

Thursday- Another app approved. I now have 10 total. Still. Not. Possible. Unless….. I get three doctors offices back, the burrito guy, the construction company, the country corner store that is in BFE, the florist, the campers AND my step dad’s company. Again, not happening. But it did.

This is how my Friday went. I woke up, tired. Still recovering from that Sinus infection but feeling quite happy on my drive to work. Last night was a success, I finally signed up my step dad and worked from home for the florist. I couldn’t get his faxes to come through, so I gave up hope. Surprisingly, the application was in my inbox at 8am. Completed. The campers had left me a voicemail and had faxed their app in. The construction company confirmed their app online. The tanning salon faxed me the rest of his documents. WOAH. Now, all the sudden, out of absolutly no where, the bonus is in site. “This could happen,” I told myself. BING! My email went off. Another app. I was one away but expecting no more applications for the day.

Right then and there, at my desk in the middle of my office, I closed my eyes and I prayed. I needed this. I needed help and guidance. I got off in two hours and I needed at least two more applications to get the bonus. (I was required to have an extra one as confirmation that 20 would be approved.) This bonus meant I would have a cushion in my back account for this trip. It meant I didn’t have to stress about money for my travel. I needed this bonus. There was no question about it. Please God, guide me to this. Help me get this, you know I need this.

I am not kidding you. This is the exact account of the events that happened after I said that prayer.

About five minutes later, my phone rang. It was the Doctor’s office. After chasing them down for two weeks, Ann apologized and said she was sending in THREE applications. Not one. All three offices. I hit 20.

However in this business, just because they SAY they are sending their applications in doesn’t always mean they actually are. In fact, 75% of the time it means they want to get off the phone and haven’t even touched the application. So, while waiting for that I sent an email to the construction company asking her to complete her application and send it to me. A complete shot in the dark, but hey, I was taking every avenue I had.

An hour later, I got the doctors office applications. Completed and signed. All three of them.

Before I could even get the applications into processing, BING! My email went off. The construction company sent their app… along with the information to sign up TWO more of her companies. All the information. Stop the doctors offices, write this application up. I was swamped. I couldn’t think straight and I was so excited I wanted to scream. I sent the construction company two more applications while I processed the doctors offices.

BING! She sent them back. BING! So did the Burrito Guy. BING! Campers were approved. Then, I remembered I was waiting on an app in the mail. It was there. Completed.

I wanted to cry. I had just witnessed, first hand and I think for the first time in my life, a prayer get answered in front of my eyes. I got nine applications back in one day. I completed fifteen this week. (Reminder: The record before was nine in a week. I did that in one day.) I hit the bonus. I lost hope when hope was all I had. Everyone was shocked. I was shocked. Everyone congratulated me. I felt on top of the world. All financial worries went away for my trip. I had just witnessed an actual prayer answer. I was speechless. “Oh my gosh, my mom said this…” was all that would come to mind. Mom has always told me, “You have only failed when you have failed to try.” In fact, I even have it tattooed on my foot. And, here I am again admitting this. Mom was right. (And I got a new purse…)


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