Germany: Chicago Style!

Well hello! Here I am again taking forever for another post, but, I promise.. I will get better at this whole thing as time goes on and I am finally settled in Germany. (I hope) So, this is me apologizing.. I am sorry, this last week has been just crazy. I have been busy gathering all kinds of last minute items for my trip, packing (then unpacking and repacking), finalizing plans with everyone at home, attempting to not leave anyone out of my goodbye’s and trying to work a full time job. Which, is still working out great.. I am still on cloud nine from last weeks little work inspiration story.

I did find time however; to make it to Germany. Well, sort of. Last Wednesday, my mom surprised me with this little invitation. Inside, were reservations for an all German Bier Stube on Saturday, and that same day I found out that Chicago holds its own Christkindlmarket! Seriously, how cool is this?!

As I counted down the days to Saturday, I talked to my host family again and they were so eager for my little Germany day here in the States. I was too, to be honest. I couldn’t wait to see what these markets everyone talks about are all about. And I was so excited to try the German food! If only…

What I learned about the Christkindlmarket Chicago.

1. Do not go on a weekend. That’s it. I learned one thing.

Seriously, this was absolutely horrible. I thought this was going to be an awesome adventure to get me prep’d for the real deal. Wrong. I was reminded of why I never go to anything that could even minutely be described or associated with a “tourist activity” in downtown Chicago. When you live so close and visit so often, you almost forget this is a top destination for vacationers from all over the world. You forget, that is, until you find  your self sucked into the abiss of said attraction. Welcome to Christkindlmarket Chicago. After walking the complete opposite direction 10 blocks, and having to find our way back, we found our selves leaving almost as fast as we arrived. There were so many people, we could not move. I don’t think the word ‘crowded’ even fits this place. I’m talking your boobs awkwardly rubbing the old man in front  of you while his wife is shoved up your butt, kind of packed. The lines were so long we could not even begin to think about waiting in them for some schnitzel  (But let’s be honest, I went for the Gluewein anyways!) I didn’t get the Gluewein either. The line was even longer than the schnitzel. I actually found myself saying, well.. growling “Screw it! I will just wait for the real deal,” and trying to get through the crowd just so we could leave. Who would have thought so many Chicago-ans even knew about this market? Apparently, they all did. All but this one.

Well, I did get some pictures to share, and it sure did (almost) look like the rest of yours. Except the fact that it was nestled between skyscrapers and screaming taxis.




Germany was actually the complete opposite direction. How ironic!



I think they have the concept down?


Oh Chicago, how I will miss you so.


It wasn’t a total wash. My friend and I shared many laughs over the experience and at least added it to our “never attempt again list” Plus.. we ended up making it back in time for a perfect little reservation at the Bier Stube…


5 thoughts on “Germany: Chicago Style!

  1. bevchen says:

    Heidelberg Christmas market is like that. I made the mistake of going on a Saturday a couple of years ago. It was PACKED!! We managed to get one Glühwein in about 3 hours, then decided to give up and go somewhere warm to eat.

    • pinkparliament says:

      That is exactly how it was in Chicago. It was crazy and totally not worth it. I was home and would rather go get some Pizza. haha My friend said the small town markets arent so bad, and that is how Dorfen is. So Im hoping I will acutally be able to enjoy! haha

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