My first 24 hours..

So, I’m here and I made it alive and still in one piece, which is really good. (I’m exhausted and still have Jetlag… booo) Anyways, here’s what my life has been the last day or so…


Leaving sucked. Seriously, it sucked. I was last minute packing and trying to say goodbye to ten people in five hours. Friends, family.. you name it. But it happened, and I even got to say goodbye to the one person I didn’t want to walk away from most. (awwww….)


Germany, what can I say? First impressions are everything, and even though I am still jetlag ridden and it’s late, I want to post this while the feelings are still fresh. So, the flight. It was long, of course, but I can’t say I am very impressed with SAS Airline’s seat designs. They were the smallest seats I think I have ever flown in, I couldnt get comfortable and thus got no sleep. I did, however; get to see the stars while we were flying over the Alantic. Let me tell you, you have not truly seen the stars until you have seen them over the dark, deep ocean, from 39,000 feet in the air. It was incredible and I stared and stared until I finally felt sleepy. (Fail, never fell asleep.) I did doze off for what seemed to be about 45 minutes and when I awoke, it was light out. That is where I screwed up.  I should have never looked. Instantly my body clock was messed up and I kept trying to tell myself to stop asking questions. It was day now, no matter what time it was back home. The good news: I was next to a perfectly nice old man from Denmark who then helped me navigate Copenhagen airport.. which was very easy to navigate but seemed to never end. I landed in terminal F and had to depart from terminal A. I will say, Denmark has got the US beat ten times over in airports. Why? There was a Victoria’s Secret, Burberry, Apple, Starbucks, Charging stations and pretty much any other top notch store you can imagine strung throughout the airport. It felt like walking through a mall. A very expensive mall. Plus, I boarded my second plane like Mr. President. How freakin’ cute.


The flight to Copenhagen flew by (literally..haha). The sunrise was absolutely beautiful and just as I started to get comfortable (which was much easier on the smaller plane), the seat belt light went back on and we were decending into Munich. HOLY CRAP. I was finally in Germany. Thank god, my fingers hurt from being crossed so long, hoping everything was right.


Munich airport was simple, my baggage (all of it) came out quickly and I was on my way. As soon as I walked out of Baggage claim and stopped to look around, I saw Eva approaching me. Sigh… they were real and I was not being sold in the black market. (I really should not joke about that.) Emilia came running up to me, yelling something in German and handed me a rose, a balloon and a huge hug. How freakin’ cute. After meeting, we headed home.

They are so nice and everything I hoped for and imagined. In fact, they are even nicer. My apartment downstairs is just so cute, and so isolated that I love it. As soon as you walk into the house, there are stairs that go both up and down. Which, they spiral in both directions and the railings are rope. How freakin’ cute. (The look. The hardwood floors are not. I fell down the stairs this morning when they were out, and seriously messed up my back. Currently the bottom half is black/red/purple/yellow. JOY. Good thing I brought meds!) Anyways, I was exhausted, so we had dinner. Don’t know what it was, but it was good. I helped get the girls to bed and then I headed to bed myself. I missed home. I miss my mom and my cats.

This morning, jetlag was ten times worse. It’s not helping that I am still keeping touch with everyone back home wondering how my arrival went, that after the kids are asleep I then communicate back home for an hour or two. There are some things and people I just refuse to lose over this trip, so I will just lose sleep. I can sleep when I’m in Chicago (haha).

Today was fantastic, I still missed home. I still questioned everything. The scenery was beautiful but I still hadn’t seen much of the area since it was dark last night. And this.. this ladies and gentlemen.. is where my first impression was made.

Today, we had to pick Emilia up from school (“I don’t need my good camera, we’re just going to run an errand… WRONG). We also had to set me up with a German bank account (that was fun), and sign into the Town Registration Office (Bloggy friends, I don’t know what it’s called..sorry!) Let me tell you a little about Dorfen…..



There is no way I am not in a movie.

That’s exactly how I feel. The town is just way too freakin’ cute. (As you can tell, I really like this saying since I have been here, it’s all I can think of to describe how I feel at the moment. Sorry, jetlag) Anyways, the buildings are all different colors, all stuck together in a perfect square with only one way in and out. It’s all connected and driving under a little archway is the only way in. The Christmas Market is set up and the booths match the buildings behind them.  Dorfen is just a movie prop, I know it. It’s got to be and they just haven’t told me yet.

The matching Market and Buildings. Why isn't the USA this cute?!!!

The matching Market and Buildings. Why isn’t the USA this cute?!!!

One lane to get in and out of City Centre. Wait your turn or forever hold your peace.

One lane to get in and out of City Centre. Wait your turn or forever hold your peace.

I am not sure if all of Germany is like this or if I just struck gold, but seeing Dorfen today really changed my views from this morning. I was really bummed and almost questioning this. Not now. Now I am so stoked to be here. Now I have started to try to teach Emilia English  Now I am ready to go. I still miss home, of course, and I still miss my mom and my cats.. and I still think I am missing out on things back home.. but I don’t think that will ever go away. I think at this point my best advise would be: the first 24 hours are the hardest. Because now, I am so happy.. so relieved and just so all around ecstatic that I am living in Europe.


Did you hear that? I am living in Europe.

How freakin’ cute.


12 thoughts on “My first 24 hours..

  1. Silke Reider says:

    Hanley…it’s not a movie set,it’s Bavaria ! It’s my favourite state in Germany. It’s just simply beautiful there.Where I grew up over there,it is’nt nearly as pretty. Matter of fact…I don’t even like going back to where I am from. I usually spend most of the time in Lermoos(Austria) and in Pöttmes(Bavaria) Because it is so much prettier. But there are a lot of nice places throughout Germany.
    Hope your back feels better!!!

  2. ifs ands & butts says:

    Trust me, you are missing nothing back home. Even my friends at home tell me that. This experience is worth way more than a night out or even an ‘epic’ party.

    Communicating is too easy, you’ll find it like you are just a couple hours away, not on a different continent. The town is precious, as so many in Germany are. Make the family you’re own and you’re on your way.

    Lastly, I love how thorough you are in your posts – feel like I was on the trip with you, keep it up :)

  3. Lieke says:

    Awesome! I am sure you will soon find your place with your new family and Munich is a really nice city especially during this season with the christmas markets etc! Enjoy!

  4. bevchen says:

    Aww, it looks beautiful!! Funny how you compare it to a movie set (film set ;-)) – I often think German towns looks just like farytales.
    I presume you plan on seeing some more of Germany while you’re here, so you should definitely try to visit Tübingen. It’s gorgeous! Here’s a blog post from when I went there:
    I know Bavaria has some nice places as well, but I haven’t spent much time there so can’t recommend any, unfortunately.

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