Well, I got the iphone 5…

In Germany. When I just bought a brand new Iphone 4s not even a month ago. Why? Because today I went to Munich. And while I was in Munich I went to the top of Alter Peter. You probably already know where I am going.

After climbing way too may sets of stairs, stopping half way and questioning its worth… Alex, Emilia and I finally made it all the way to the top of the tower. As we stepped out, the view was just insane. You could see most of Munich and I started snapping pictures. As we rounded the corner to view it from the opposite direction, I was just in awe. There, for the top of the tower we could see just how gorgeous Munich was.



I was so excited. You just don’t get to see these kind of things in the US. They don’t exist, and we apparently were not very creative back in the day. So, being the technology crazed American I am, naturally, I decided that I just HAD to show my mom and send it to her in a quick text (..and post it to facebook, asap). I pulled out my phone, turned on the camera and took the picture… JUST AS the oh so lovely tourist beside me SHOVED me into the iron gates and my phone went flying. Down. Down a long, long way. My face had to be priceless. My heart sank. That phone was my connection to home. I instantly wanted to cry, but instead went running down 100 flights of stairs, nearly breaking my neck and arm three times over, in an attempt to find it. I was holding on to some unrealistic hope that my phone was going to be okay, as long as I could just find it. See that metal at the VERY top? Not the first one, but the one that is JUST under the point at the very top? The highest, most dangerous, stupidly awesome one. That is where it fell from.


And, here it is now. Isn’t she pretty?


I found it, a nice German man was holding it waiting for me. And this is what it looked like. So, as one naturally would do when in a new area very, very far from home… I was instantly on a quest to buy a new phone. There was no question about it. (Ahhh, so THIS is why I hit those bonuses at work right before I left. They say everything happens for a reason, and; apparently “they” are right.) After finding the closest Blau, which was only a two minute walk from the Chriskindlmarkt (yes, I made it and yes, pictures are coming soon), I was on my way to a new phone. I could just feel my debit card melting and all I could think of was someone telling me electronics were expensive in Germany, as if they weren’t already expensive enough! An hour later, Emilia behaving just PERFECTLY in the store and many blank stares as the man talked to Alex about my options, I walked out with a new Iphone 5 and my heart attack at bay.(That is the only good part, I got the brand new Iphone 5!) And, surprisingly, with my debit card fully in tact. Germany, or Blau so much, allows you to basically finance the phones. It’s so affordable  My cell phone bill and financed phone are still cheaper than just my cell phone bill back home. Go Germany!


10 thoughts on “Well, I got the iphone 5…

  1. ifs ands & butts says:

    Ah oh my gosh haha I cannot believe that! You had such a good case too but I guess nothing can protect a fall that big. Definitely always keep your finances inc heck because I swear Europe always has me paying for unexpected things like this. Munich sure is amazing though!

    • pinkparliament says:

      haha NO KIDDING! I am figuring that out very quickly. And.. you were totally right about things being more expensive here! I’m doing well so far, well other than the fact I had to almost clear out half my account for a new phone. haha Cheers to Germany having great cell phone deals!

    • pinkparliament says:

      It happens! I can not even begin to explain the feeling. It was “that did not Happen and I am dreaming” similar to a car accident. My heart dropped. It wasn’t just a “handy” to me… It was my ONLY link to home.

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