Munich Christkindlmarkt

Sorry, my posts are a little jumbled right now because I just had to tell you about the phone extravaganza that happened yesterday. I am now fully enjoying my Iphone 5 and absolutely loving Icloud. I didn’t lose very much info! Anyways, as you know it all happened in Munich. At the lovely Christmas Market! I’m going to apologize for not taking more pictures. I’ve been trying to take everything in. I am so in awe of this place still. Plus, I didn’t get to stay at the market long because it was late and we spent most of our time on the damn phone issue.




Let me first start off by saying the Chicago Christmas Market does not even begin to resemble the real thing. I mean, I guess it does a little. The booths are somewhat the same and they have tried to intimidate the concept and I guess they were close. (If you want to call it that) In Munich, obviously  it was the real deal. And, good news.. I could actually MOVE! I didn’t get to see as much as I would have liked because most of our time was spent in the local Blau cell phone store, but I did manage to finally get my Gluhwein and some cute souvenirs to send back home. These are Lebkuchen decorated to send home. This isn’t actual, good Lebkuchen, but the real stuff is pure heaven.



And let me tell you, the white chocolate covered fruit is top notch. Europe seems to have this thing with chocolate.


By the way… Gluhwein: It’s good. It’s real good and I really need to know why we do not serve it in America. I don’t even like wine yet the Gluhwein totally satisfies. Maybe its just hype, or maybe its just the fact that its new.. but If you have never tried it, It’s even worth a trip to Chicago’s Christkindlmarkt just to get it. Now I know why all those people were just lingering. It’s the Gluhwein.


So far, I still love Germany. I love the town and I love the bakeries. The bakeries I should have never tried, but I did and I love them. Probably too much. Those are sure to come next ;)




5 thoughts on “Munich Christkindlmarkt

  1. Silke Reider says:

    I want to be there too!!! And don’t tell me about the bakeries and the good gingerbread, i know and I miss it!!! But I am so happy for you that you can experience it. Enjoy!!!!

  2. Steven says:

    “Europe seems to have this thing with chocolate.”

    Well yeah, it’s chocolate! What’s not to love!

    Great pics, Hanley. Be careful with the Glühwein though- it sneaks up on you in the cold and hits you over the head with powerful yuletide drunkenness.

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