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You don’t know a bakery until you have been to one that a city lives off of. I mean that. Germans love bread. They eat so much of it I can’t keep up. Bread with breakfast, bread with lunch and bread for dinner. Granted, it’s usually different variations (croissants, rolls, sliced breads, breads with seeds, breads with flour, butter brezel <–waaaay too much of this) Bread. They love it and they live off of it. On Thursday, before taking Sophia to her class, we ventured onto the bakery. Talk about heaven.



I got a chocolate filled croissant, by Eva’s recommendation. I should have never, ever even tried it. I don’t even like chocolate that much and this was way too good.


After the bakery we headed to Sophia’s Thursday morning class. Its called PEKEIP. Pekiep is the shortened version of parent child program from Prag. Get ready.. This is going to sound strange! It’s about ten babies, all naked, playing for an hour. No diapers, No clothes. The room is about 80 degrees and yes, the babies pee. It’s funny because one mom runs and picks up the baby, while another mom comes running with a rag soaked in cleaner. All ten babies do this, and it actually becomes quite funny. Anyways, an instructor goes around, baby by baby and helps the parents understand how to teach them to learn. It sounds wierd, but these are 8 month old babies learning to walk and nudity in Europe is a normal occasion. Germans don’t giggle or laugh or (gasp!) as nakedness. Obviously, it works and the babies absolutely love it. Plus, It was one of the absolute cutest things I have ever seen. Seriously, imagine ten little baby butts all giggling and interacting with each other. Adorable overload.

After Pekeip and Sophia’s afternoon nap we ventured back into town to get groceries… Being the spoiled American I am I expected a grocery store with carts. Wrong! The produce, meats, cheeses… It’s all outside! Everything is locally grown and as fresh as possible. Plus, you taste everything before you buy it. Step it up, U S of A. This is how shopping should be!

DSC00059DSC00060 DSC00061 DSC00073

And yes, it was all as good as it looks.


9 thoughts on “Bakeries & Markets

  1. ifs ands & butts says:

    I do love the markets, but normally end up at one of the crappy budget grocery stores like Penny, Lidl, or Aldi because it’s amazing how much cheaper it is. So impressed with all your blogging, go girl.

    Oh, and I’m obsessed with butter brezeln. Even more so with Laugenstangen (the pretzel roll stick shaped ones).

    • pinkparliament says:

      I just tried those tonight! I do have to say, the butter brezeln is not my favorite. In fact, the bread in general is not my favorite. The butter brezeln is growing on me… a little but I don’t think its my favorite. I love the other food that I’ve tried so far. I’m just not a bread person, so I have some serious adjusting. haha And, thanks! I really try to make it a point to get to it! I still have to post about Dorfen and Munich, I just havent had the chance! I am loving it so far and would looove to meet up soon! I’m all alone until Taylor gets here Jan 3rd!

  2. bevchen says:

    Totally agree with you on the bread! I don’t know how Germans don’t turn into bread they eat so much of it!! I’ve weaned my boyfriend off it though ;-) There is no Abendbrot in my household (or only occasionally when I can’t be bothered to cook).

    Butterbrezeln would be better if there wasn’t SO MUCH butter on. I can feel my arteries clogging up just from looking at some of them. Bleurgh!

    On Sunday we’re going to my boyfriend’s dad’s place for Christmas, which means I will be eating bread every single evening (and toast for breakfast). Bread overload here I come!!!

  3. Liz says:

    It’s funny because when you first walk into a German bakery everything LOOKS so sweet but it’s not. Not at all. In fact, unless I eat it with a coffee I don’t really care for it. However, the bread…man, I love the bread here. Crusty on the outside, soft on the inside. Just they way it should be :D
    As for nudity…one hasn’t lived until they’ve experienced the German spa! It’s amazing and relaxing but like you said, nudity is no big deal here so expect to get dressed and undressed among both sexes…my husband is still not ready for that…lol!

    • pinkparliament says:

      I’ve only tried one kind of bread, and a few rolls and I’m not a fan of the bread. It’s just too dry for me. I’ve been forcing it down but I think I’m done with that. I’ll stick to the other goodies haha

  4. Steven says:

    I’m with Alex- the brezen stangen are particularly nifty. I love pretzels of all shapes though, so I was going to say that no matter what.

    I do my grocery shopping in regular indoor grocery stores, but I don’t buy everything in one place… some stuff I grab in the Globus near my office, some in the Kaufland near my apartment, and a few things (like eggs and bottled water – the water here is *really* hard) at Aldi ‘cos it’s wickedly cheap.

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