Trausnitz Castle

Let me just start off by telling  you this place was absolutely gorgeous and I will be going back very soon. Trausnitz castle was filled with history, rich in culture and a must see for those anywhere near the Munich area. Let the photo overload begin…IMG_0615

Located in Landshut, Germany and built in the year 1204, Trausnitz castle overlooks the city of Landshut from above. Trausnitz is one of many mideval castles in Bavaria built by Duke Ludwig I.

Eva and Alex planned this day trip because I was feeling rather home sick on Christmas and needed to see more of this beautiful country. Prior to our visit, I Googled Trausnitz castle and could not come up with much excitement. It looked like another old palace, but it sure was not an Ashford castle that I was used to seeing the last time I visited Europe. Lesson of the day, never trust Google images.

Although hard to capture in photos because of its location, Trausnitz was filled with all kinds of excitement and I highly recommend taking the nature trail up to the entrance. If you park at the top of the hill, it’s a winding walk through the woods that eventually leads to a little brick door titled Burg. That’s it, one word; six inches tall embedded in a 12 foot wall of bricks.


Through this door, you start to see remains of protection walls and shoots, huge castle doors and the medieval designs of the Duke. Ah, another decaying castle. Until you turn the corner….trausnitz087

Welcome to Trausnitz. Entering through the main gates, we were greeted by a bright yellow courtyard and the flag of Bavaria. It was trying to rain all day, but the sun popped out just long enough for some fantastic pictures of the palace.



In 1961 a massive fire ruined most of the interior of the castle so most of the authentic wall art inside was destroyed. The tour was strictly no cameras allowed so I wasn’t able to get many quality photos on our tour. The castle was used as a residence until the 17th century, a prison for noble prisoners in the 18th century and a hospital in the 19th century. Now that’s history.



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