Shut up & Drive

“zero to sixty in 3.5, baby you got the keys, shut up & drive.”

For the last month (yes, I said that.. I have officially lived here a month!), I have been dreading the whole driving thing. Why?

1. It’s a diesel and that is just unheard of in a car

2. It’s a stick shift

3. As much as I love my Indianapolis 500, I have had 1 too many heart attacks while being the passenger in this race they call life, er.. driving in Germany and…

4. where the heck are the street lights?!!

I have officially been here 31 days. I have been living, breathing and taking in Germany for 31 days and I still freak out over the driving. THIS is where all those commercials are where they are doing 100 around a mountain stream from. It has to be.

Eva and I decided this week that I would get my driving lesson today, while we were childless because things are going to get hectic around here real soon. Eva has had contractions all week, although she isn’t near labor and the baby is doing fine, we are expecting her little arrival early. We have seven weeks left until baby Antonia’s due date, so we are attempting to get this house in order in the mean time. (HA!)

Sophia at school, Emilia in Kindergarten, Eva 8 months pregnant, Alex rushing around in Munich and me in the drivers seat on about 3 hours of sleep. Let that sink in for a second.

As we set off out of the drive way, I managed to swipe three cars on the way out. Just like that. They park way too close together and I’m not used to this. I’m kidding. I didn’t hit anything and everyone survived. Eva didn’t go into stress induced preterm labor and my heart is back to beating at a normal pace. It only took about an hours time and some Luke Brian.

We did good. Learning to drive a diesel stick shift isn’t exactly what I would call amusing.. or fun or even slightly enjoyable, but I managed it. WE managed it. We both also admitted whole heartedly that we will never be able to go into the driving field. Eva kept telling me to go faster, I kept shaking. Is it really necessary to do 100 km on a dark road, on a steep hill that ends in a curve? Germany thinks so.  (And you guys all thought I drove like a maniac before!) And, while I am at it. They must be noctural, because where are the street lights?!

Anyways, after an hour of practice, tons of laughing, 10 motor kills, two times of Eva having to get in the drivers seat to figure out what I was doing wrong, we managed and we made it back home. We also saw some killer views, but unfortunately, I was driving and couldn’t get any pictures. Public transportation was made for a reason, right?

Good news of the day, I found out I can see the alps from about ten minutes away. I am so there when the skies clear up. (say.. in May if we’re lucky??)

Speaking of the Alps.. that is exactly where you can find me this weekend. Taylor is finally here (THANK GOD) and we are off to Munich on Saturday and Neuschwanstein Castle on Sunday with a group of friends. Did you hear that?! I’ve been here a month and I finally have friends! Next weekend, I officially start border hopping to Salzburg, Austria for two days with another friend. Then, in three weeks, I’ll be in Italy with another friend. Everything is better when your not alone!

Europe is freakin’ awesome.



14 thoughts on “Shut up & Drive

  1. ifs ands & butts says:

    Wow sounds like you actually caught onto the driving VERY quickly! An hour isn’t so bad. I’ve never driven in Germany and I’ve been here a year and a half now. Thank goodness for the trains :)

    And how many exciting trips you have coming up. My life is boring – aka getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. Things are getting too routine, I need a trip.

  2. Heather says:

    You are brave… I’ve never driven here (to be fair, my U.S. license was expired for a while so I couldn’t anyway), but I fear those days are numbered. I’ve never driven stick shift at all, and am horribly uncoordinated so I’m a little afraid. But the Boyfriend seems to think I need to learn, and I’m inclined to agree with him if it means that I never have to spend 10 hours in the backseat of his little Opel again. Mostly because I have a knee problem and that long in one place is a disaster, even with stops for driver changes. If it gets me to the front seat, I think I’m gonna have to learn. Eek!

    Good luck and viel Spaß!

    • pinkparliament says:

      I’m not exactly the most coornidated. The controlling the brake AND gas with the right foot and clutch with the left throws me off. And I seem to shift into fourth instead of 2nd a lot. Oooops!

  3. Wolfgang says:

    Germany certainly does NOT think you must to drive at MAXIMUM speed at all times. You should if the conditions allow it so that you don’t hinder traffic. But with bends, bad visibility, wet or icy roads or even possible deer on the road you should definitely slow down accordingly.
    Of course there will always be stupid people who overtake you with 200 kph on a country road in a bend at night, but those eventually end up wrapped around a tree.
    So please drive safely.

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