I get by with a little help from my friends..

After waiting an entire month, Taylor is here! This post is a little late, because Taylor has been here for over a week, but we have had so much fun this last week that I have totally neglected my blog (once again..).  Taylor is also an American aupair living in the same little town as myself for the next year. We are the same age and we laugh at the same jokes. We relate to the same “what the heck?” moments, and the same questions as to why the Germans do some of the things they do. Only difference? She’s from the desert. Arizona, to be exact. Keep in mind its COLD in Germany, and we have been bundled everyday. Don’t worry, Taylor didn’t freeze to death is still currently living (in a scarf, gloves, and thick coat at all times, but she’s good.)

Why am I introducing Taylor on my blog? Because your going to hear a lot about her and given that she is in the same boat as me for the next 330 days, we spend a lot of time together. A lot as in almost everyday. Hey, the title of this post really does have a reason.

We have matured from our host mom’s planning our first get together over coffee to taking nine trains together in two days, thus seeing more tourist attractions in one weekend than most see in an entire vacation. (coming soon…)

Our inside jokes with friends and family back home (REEE!) have been shared and we are able tell stories and actually know who ‘Mareissa’ and ‘Lindsey’ are. We talk about boys… a lot. We started our immersion Dutsch Course this Monday (where not a single word of English is spoken) and we laugh at all the crazy mistakes at a cafe in town around 9pm. We also, have four local friends. (HELLO weekends…)  Like I said, this week was bunches of fun.


Taylor and I on Day 3 of our nonstop weekend @ Neuschweinstein Castle.
“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” ― C.S. Lewis



8 thoughts on “I get by with a little help from my friends..

  1. ifs ands & butts says:

    ALWAYS AMAZING TO HAVE AN AU PAIR FRIEND NEARBY! The two au pairs on my street will be some of my best friends for life. They finally left Germany in December and it is so strange not having them here. We knew each other too well. Anyways, y’all come visit! Or I’ll come visit!

    • pinkparliament says:

      There are three of us! There is also a girl from Macedonia as well! This weekend we are super busy with Munich (AGAIN) and then I am heading to Salzburg for two days. BUT the upcoming weeks, lets plan something! How are you feeling with the teeth!?!

      • ifs ands & butts says:

        I’m feeling a lot better – still can’t eat solid foods but it has been a great diet haha. Sounds great, I’m definitely down – all my weekends are free except heading the Cologne for Karneval the weekend of Feb 9! So lucky oyu get to go to Munich so often, it’s my favorite!

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