As soon as Taylor arrived, we were set on finding more friends. Set on making this town feel a bit like home for the next year and after a little homework, we now have friends within walking distance. German friends, Russian friends, Macedonian friends. That’s the cool thing about Europe. The people you meet are from all over this world we live in. And this post marks the beginning of a week’s worth of back posts from Taylor and I getting to know these people we now call our friends, I will try to keep everything in order!

While abroad, it’s not quite as easy to walk into a bar and meet new people. By all means, that is possible.. but not knowing much German in a German-speaking country can put a little damper in those plans. (Even if most of them DO know English..)

The last month I have been in German ideally alone. I had a few friends in Regensburg, which was about two hours away and other friends strung throughout Europe. But I had no one in town. There was no one to meet up with at the drop of a hat. Because making a plan for absolutely everything just takes half the fun out, right? I’m a ‘wing it’ type of chick. Apparently, so is Taylor, so we have a lot of fun being lost.

The internet is a beautiful thing. I have spent the last 30 days or so frantically trying to network with other people and expats in the area because having friends just makes everything better, and that it did. I used couchsurf to find locals in my town, my blog to find other aupairs, email when those lovely ladies contacted me and good ol’ facebook for its groups and have been completely successful and making friends.

On Friday, Taylor and I headed out to a local bar to meet Helena, Verona and Simon. Let me just start off by saying it was SUCH a great idea! Verona and Simon are the worlds cutest couple that live here in Dorfen, and Helena is an aupair from Macedonia. We started out a Johanas Cafe and ended at the E3. Verona and Simon told us all about Germany and themselves, jobs and lives while we listened intently like a couple of little kids, sponges to everything new in this culture. After they headed to party in Munich.. Taylor, Helena and I continued on to the E3 where we talked aupair life and then our real life, home, society and boys (of course!) for another three hours. At about 2 am, we all headed home and called ourselves friends.

How cute. (I still can’t stop saying that…)


Helena, Taylor, Myself, Verona and Simon


8 thoughts on “Locals!

  1. mikebehere says:

    I met the majority of my friends here in Germany through my language course (is this something you are considering?) and by just going on a pub crawl and talking to people untill they talked back. I actually made a couple fo really good friends by doing that.

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