Salzburg, Austria

I think the first weekend I spent not doing a damn thing is when I realized I actually live in Europe and I am not on some kind of extended vacation that will come to an abrupt end in the very near future. The kind of weekend that you stay in the same pajamas the entire time, only changing to shower and moving for the occasional meal. Or watching an entire season of a show back home (1.completely illegally because Germany has these stupid laws on entertainment and 2. I haven’t done the whole VPN thing yet and didn’t feel like taking the time out of my lax weekend to figure it out.) Thus, I live here… and guess what?

I have only had ONE of these weekends. I’m really bad about coming to terms with the fact that since I LIVE here, I really don’t have to go all crazy travel freak all the time and because of this: 1. I am constantly going and 2. I was dying to cross the country border because lets be honest, it just got a little boring with Germany, Germany, Germany. And crossing the border is exactly what I did.

Welcome to Salzburg, Austria.

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria

Although only a few hours train ride away, and visible from the highest tower in Munich across the Alps, Austria is the small little country situated in the mountains just east of Germany. Mozart’s birthplace and the filming of the Sound of Music, Salzburg is nestled in the beginning of the Alps directly on the border of Germany and Austria.

We started our trip to Austria a little late (because, well… Munich’s nightlife got the best of our group the night before, and we weren’t out of our suite until 1pm, er 13:00. Since I LIVE here, this is acceptable. I don’t have too much of a time schedule.. ha!) Anyways, after a three hour train ride from Munich and a quick taxi ride to our hotel for the night, we said Hello to Austria. Unfortunately, it was already dark. However, darkness is for sissies and we went to discover anyways.

Salzburg by night

Salzburg by night


The next day (again out of the hotel later than planned), we were out to discover Salzburg by day light. And discover we did! While walking, we discovered the bridge that you see on Pinterest. Well, one of them anyways. Couples make their way to this bridge with a lock, write their names on it, secure the lock to the bridge and throw the key in the river. Awwww. (Some of these people went all out on their locks with engravings and stuff.)




Moving on, we ran into one of those buildings that makes you go, “wow.” But, in Europe they are everywhere so you get in this habit of taking a million pictures and moving on. Right as we were about to make our way onto the next awaiting discovery, I saw people entering said magnificent building. Being one to never pass on adventure, I follow the crowd in hopes to not get kicked out.

The Salzburg Cathedral

The Salzburg Cathedral


HOLY.CRAP. Said building was the Salzburg Cathedral. The word beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe how absolutely stunning it was. Talk about craftsman ship. This kind of stuff just doesn’t exist in the US. (This was impossible to get into one picture because of its massive size.) Forget Mozart’s birthplace and all the Sound of the Music jazz, if you ever find yourself in Salzburg, you MUST make it to the cathedral. Look for the big green domes, you can’t miss it.


Once we managed to catch our breath, we headed up to the castle that overlooks the city of Salzburg. Here I go with the hills again, (Since my car accident back in 2008, my knee and hills do not get along. I have discovered this since living near the mountains. Fab.)  Anways, I climbed a super steep hill to get up to Neuschweinstein Castle a few weeks back and apparently still haven’t learned my lesson. But, as usual.. the climb is worth the fight and the views were incredible. (Although, I am sure its MUCH more magnificent when its spring and it’s clear. Salzburg is nestled in the Alps.. unfortunately we didn’t get to see much of them on this trip.)



Obviously, the weather wasn’t too nice that day.


Back down the mountain (& through the woods……) to the Spagetti Place we go! Again with my little recommendation: Go here. It’s called House of Spagetti and it’s right in the middle Getreidegasse on the left hand side when walking towards the castle. We just so happened to stumble upon this yummy little dive because we were starving and it looked yummy. I had Gorgonzola Penne with Broccoli and Chicken. YUM-O.

This is Getreidegasse by night. Salzburg has the ability to be very romantic and now I see why it is a top Honeymoon destination. It’s just.. charming.


Stuffed and exhausted, my friend really wanted to check out the spa’s and sauna’s. For those living in Europe, you know where this is going. For everyone back home, I won’t even go into it because I can sum it up in one quick sentence. It’s a building with pools, saunas and showers… and everyone is naked. Welcome to Europe.

Mortified and moving on, we headed to the train station for a late train home and back to the work week ahead. Salzburg was beautiful and charming… and it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger’s birthplace.

“I’ll be back…”

Sorry, had to.



9 thoughts on “Salzburg, Austria

  1. Stacie says:

    The cathedral was one of my favorite parts as well!! If you can, you should go back on a clear day – the view from the castle is AMAZING. ps – did you try the Mozart balls that everyone talks about?

  2. Heather says:

    Glad you enjoyed yourself! But it’s definitely worth another trip on a slightly nicer day as the view from the castle IS amazing and you can go play Maria von Trapp on the Untersberg! :)

  3. bevchen says:

    Glad you enjoyed it! We were there for New Year and I also want to go back in Spring, or at least when it’s light for a little longer. I think I did most of my sightseeing in the dark! Haha.

  4. Barbara W. says:

    If you do, stop by Haus der Natur. It’s a small museum that is worth an hour or two. Good exhibit about Physics, plus nice selection of creepy-crawlies (tarantulas, etc). It’s only a short walk from Hohensalzburg, and you go past the former paddling pool for the imperial horses.

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