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For the last month or so, my days, nights, free time and everything in between have been consumed by the immersion Deutsch Course that was required for my visa. Let me first start off by telling you that 1.) absolutely no English was spoken and 2.) Thank god it is over. Seriously, there is nothing more frustrating that sitting in a classroom from 8am to noon, Monday through Friday attempting to learn a language in which they don’t even speak your language. There is no “schlafen means to sleep, and essen means to eat” but instead “Schlafen zu gehen” and “Ich esse” Figure it out.

Although the last four weeks were completely mentally draining, I will give the Germans and their learning style credit, because I did learn quite a bit of German and now can (somewhat) successfully communicate with Emilia in German. (WOO!)


Anyways, in the little free time I have had since the start of my class, life has happened, and I have built some awesome friendships in the mean time. I told you about Taylor and Helena before and the fact that we all get along so great is a true blessing. Leaving these girls will not be easy in due short time!  What has happened may you ask? Well…

1. Fasching- In other words, “Carnival.” Fasching is a huge festival, celebrated all over Germany that  occurs just before Lent begins. Party goers dress up in all sorts of costumes to symbolize the driving out of winter and all of its evil spirits. in other words, it’s an excuse to drink from sun up to sun down. Literally. Which brings us to…

2. Hemerglenzen- (That is spelt wrong, but I couldn’t find it correctly anywhere. Bad blogger) Hemerglezen is the festival held in my Germany hometown during fasching, in which thousands of people migrate into little Dorfen, dressed in all white, and start drinking at 6am. Helllllllooo German stereotype. At noon, a straw “puppet” (life size doll) is burned. Why? To symbolize the ending of winter. If you think 8,000 people all dressed in pajamas with face paintings in freezing weather drinking at the crack of down sounds crazy, you’re right.

But it was so. much. fun. See below. Attempting to keep up with the tradition, we started at 9am and ended at 10pm.


Everyone had the baby bottles, I swear!


That IS infact a sash full of shots…


During the day, most of the festivites are outside. At night, they migrate into the local bars and clubs. I wish I could take E3 home with me. It’s a bar/ club that used to be an old icehouse. It looks like a cave and is so, so much fun.


3. I finally made it to Regensburg! Since arriving, almost every local I have talked to has hyped up this old town city, and I have been dying to go. So, that is just what Tay, Helena and I did one Saturday morning. Regensburg is home to the Wurstkuchel, which is also the oldest “fast food” resturaunt in the world, as well as a 12th century bridge. Check that off the bucket list.

Regensburg was every bit of beautiful, cute and historical mixed into one. We had a great local tour guide to show us around, so we managed to hit all the main points in a few hours and still get back to Dorfen in time to have an evening.


We also made our way up to the Wallahala, a hall of fame dedicated to prodominant figures throughout Germany’s history.


One of those “my life rocks” kinda moments…

4. Eva is ready to POP! Literally. Everyday we are walking on egg shells waiting on the word that she is finally in Labor. Throughout Eva’s pregnancy we have had word that little Antonia will be arriving early. However, here we are, three weeks from her due date and she is still snuggled inside. Come onnn baby, let’s get the show on the road.


5. Sickness. Other than my few fun stories, this is what my life has consisted of and I am sorry I don’t have much more to tell you! Apparently I was wrong when I though eating clean would keep me healthy. It hasn’t. I have been sick nonstop since arriving. After getting over the flu two weeks ago, I have now moved onto bigger and better endeavors  In comes a sinus infection, upper respiratory infection and severe Bronchitis. I went to my first doctors appointment yesterday. The doctor spoke no English.. go figure.. but the word “OH!” “ooohhhhh..” and “oh.. okay” are the same in these languages and those were the words doc had to say when he listened to the party going on in my lungs.So for now, my meals include of two antibiotics, fizzy drink tablets and hot lemon.


mmmmm, breakfast!

6. (Probably the most important…) Less than a month until my mom arrives in Germany for a week and I get to be a “local tour guide” Who ever thought I would say that?!

Onto Spring!


6 thoughts on “fast post, loving life

  1. bevchen says:

    Get well soon! A lot of people get ill when they first come to Germany – something to do with all the different Germans floating around that they’re not used to from back home.

    Regensburg looks beautiful. I’ve never been but it’s on my list of places I’d like to see.

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