This aint Trip Advisor

Okay, so here is the thing.

I watch a few expatty/ aupair now living the German life/ funny girl making life laugh/ home decor genius / nice bloggy friend/ girl making her way the same way as me .. bla bla bla.. You get the hint, BLOGS, I frequently try to keep up with a few. Pretty much all of these blogs have some sort of “disclaimer” stating that they are, in fact, their own opinions and views how they see life day to day, and are not meant to be taken with any kind of serious thought or offense. (Who would have thought?) Now, the time has come where I am going to post that same little disclaimer. With that being said, I am sure this post will make a blogger or two giggle, because I am sure they have had the same thing happen a time or two. Or maybe it’ll make a few mad. But frankly I don’t care, because this is my blog and my opinion. ha!

So, here is the thing. When I tell you that Germans drive like idiots, it is because I think so. And when I told you that Bretzen is disgusting, it was also because I didn’t like it. When I say you can’t find chocolate covered pretzels in Germany, it’s because I asked three local, born and raised German families that had absolutely no clue what they were, and I have yet to find them, THUS I took the idea that they are not an everyday treat to the German culture. When I say the skies are grey but the winter isn’t that cold, it’s because to me.. it isn’t. (It’s rather freaking mild, to be honest ya sissies) See what I did there?

This ain’t Trip Advisor. I’m not here to tell you the ins and outs of German culture, people, weather, food, accommodations or the best way to make the jump across the big ol’ pond. I’m only here to tell you a thing or two about the things that I do, from day to day and life as I see it. I am from Chicago.. my view of a cold winter is going to be different than a person from Arizona. I’m not a bread fan.. my view of what “good” bread should taste like is different than a person that is obsessed with the carb overload. Here in Germany, I live in an itty bitty town just north of Munich. I live in Bavaria. My views of German culture are going to be SO much different than someone staying in Berlin, or even in downtown Munich. I learn Bayerisch, not just Deutsch/ German. I say words with a Chicago accent and I think that, (GASP!) the Germans drive like maniacs. Do they drive like maniacs in Berlin or in the alps? I don’t know. I don’t live there. I don’t see it.

(Deep breath.) SO, basically, what I’m ranting and raving about it, don’t take this blog to seriously. If I say I am living without a favorite snack from home and it can in fact be found at a store here in Germany, that’s great. But from my point of view and the stores I shop at, it can’t. From my point of view this winter is nothing. And from my point of view the drivers are crazy. If you want real, true to the bone info on this place go here. They’re experts on where you can find chocolate covered pretzels.

Don’t take this, life, or anything for that matter too seriously.




10 thoughts on “This aint Trip Advisor

  1. bevchen says:

    I LOVE this. It really annoys me when people start arguments about bloggers’ opinions (luckily this has never happened to me – but I totally have a disclaimeron my blog, basically “this iy my blog and I write about MYSELF. If you don’t like it feel free to go away and never come back).
    Plus this winter really isn’t cold… well, most of the time. Last week it snowed… then it got warm again and it had all melted by the end of the day. What’s THAT all about?! I wish it would just make up its stupid mind!!

    I also love that I get to be nice bloggy friend. YAY!

      • bevchen says:

        LOL, I bet you’re going to get loads of “I can sooo relate”.

        By the way, I also wanted to say that in 6 years in Germany I’ve never seen chocolate coated pretzels. I remember they appeared in some shops in England when I was a teenager, but they disappeared again after a few months. I suppose there wasn’t enough demand.

  2. Heather says:

    Right on. I figure it’s my blog, I write what I feel like writing and if people don’t like it, they don’t have to read it. If I want to write a happy travely post, or a “Why the hell can’t Germans figure out how to get on and off a train without trampling each other?” post, it’s my prerogative. Do what you want! :)

    And being from Wisconsin, I fully agree that this winter was peanuts. :)

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