Mirror, mirror on the wall

I am my mother afterall!

As I have talked about for the last, well.. forever. My mom finally arrived on the 12th. First let me start out by saying that knock on the hospital room door was an instant start to a flood of tears and emotions and a huge relief of the week I had just faced in the hospital all alone. Don’t get me wrong, my friends here in Germany were just plain awesome when it came to support. Almost all of them came to visit at some point or another, some of them twice. They provided endless chocolate, headphones, naked men pictures and laughs. They chased the nurses down for me and kept me sane for the remaining days of my stay. But, with that said, nothing compares to mom. Well, my mom at least.

The first two days of my mom and grandmothers stay were, in fact, spend in Klinikum Bogenhausem Hospital in Munich (Sorry, MOM!).. but on my birthday, after much begging and pleading the doctors, I was released and we were on our way out the door! After a long two weeks spent immobile, just the feeling of fresh air felt awesome!

The next week.. well just start laughing. My mom had to push me in a wheel chair for the first three days, carry her and my grandmothers luggage through trains, taxis and long walks. My grandmother fell in the guest haus in Garmisch, thus leading to another emergency medical call and her spending the night in the local hospital, we got lost and stuck in Austria, missed the tour for the castle… well, you can see where this is going. At some point, you just start laughing at all the crap being dished to you and have a good time with it.

We did, however; make it to Zugpitze which was absolutely beautiful and worth every bit of craziness leading up to it. Saturday was just absolutely beautiful in Germany. Without a cloud in the sky, and finally able to somewhat navigate without the wheelchair, we made it to the top.

(Note: 40 Euros for the train ride up is just insane. Pay it. It’s worth every last dime…er, Euro.)


Okay, so right here, right now you  have to stop hating on the fact I resemble a zombie in the above picture. I was being released from a burn unit and was immobile for a week and slouching because I couldn’t stand up straight.. you little hater, you. 



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