The big news…

Alrighty, so here comes the big news. The shocker. The “WHATT?!”

I’m going home. I am leaving Germany and in just twelve short days will be on a plane to Chicago. Why? Because I need to. I have things to attend to. And trust me, I’m right in my decision. I know I am. Sorry, bloggy friends, this one isn’t quite appropriate for your eyes. There is just something that I need to do, that I can’t do from 4600 miles away.

I love Germany. I love Germany in all its beer, pretzel and ridiculous no sunny weather goodness. The people I have met, the food I have ate, the (one too many) beers I have tried, and the land I have discovered will stay with me forever. This thing has been the best, most enlightening and memorable experience in my life, though I do hope to somehow beat it someday, because.. well, that would just mean and even MORE awesome experience! The people I have met, the discussions I have had with so many different people, from different places… ahhh, I will miss you all.

Just the other day, my friend Dace left Germany after 7 years to return to her home country of Latvia. While sitting at the table in Augstiner’s Taylor and I came to this whole life changing “ah ha” moment that I think every person needs to expierence just once. About thirty people turned out to say goodbye to our beloved Dace.. and the coolest thing happened. At just one table, just one single table, in the middle of a resturant sat…

A Latvian

Three Americans

An Australian

A few Germans

Two Spaniards

Two Brazilians

A Russian

Two Italians

The list goes on and on. That’s just what I can remember from the people I talked to most. So many different cultures, different languages and different personalities all smashed together in one big table. Thrown into the abiss hoping a language barrier doesn’t stand in the way, and guess what? It didn’t. Somebody knows German, who knows Spanish, who can communicate in Russian and then translate it back. It works. It always, always works.

I guess this is a part of being “globalized” Realizing there is more to this world than automatic cars and the USA. More than Jimmy Johns, Chili’s and Chiplote. (But dear heavens, you can guarantee they are my first stops once I arrive in Chitown) There is more than your routine. There is more your everyday. There is a whole lot more. More language. More culture  More food to be tried. More beer to be drank. Cheap wine exists. The German stereotype exists. Spanish people in fact speak English. Brazilians can fool you into being Italian. Australians have some of the funniest jokes. Americans are spoiled ass rotten. Europe is awesome. People are awesome. Expats are awesome.

So, this is it. This is the end of my aupair journey.. here in Germany at least. Will I be back? Absolutely. My time here has been cut short. There is more I want to see. Next summer, I will defiantly be back in Europe and will make my way into good old Munich. New Town Hall, oh how I will miss you. And Kennedy’s. And my friends. Family. Walking around aimesly and being amazed…..   sighhhh

But ya know what? It’s okay. Because..

This world is a big place, and even though this chapter is coming to a close, I am no where near done exploring it. 


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