Back in the Saddle again..

It’s been a year
It’s crazy to think how time changes. Even crazier to think I haven’t wrote in almost a year. I think about writing all the time, I come up with what to say and usually write it in my head before I go to bed but then I end up busy and can never put it back into words. WOOPS! Today I was inspired. Today is 1 year since my accident.

The last year has been crazy. Really, that’s the only word for it. After flying home and abruptly realizing how much I loved Germany, life was officially in the fast lane. I went back to my full time job, had custody of three kids, bought a new car, started and ended friendships, lost 25 pounds, lost my grandmother, gained faith and strength.

But I always missed Germany.

I have come to realize just how lucky I was, how absolutely amazing the entire experience and even though I had a few hiccups, I would recommend it to every single young female (or male) to do the same thing. It really is life changing. The world is huge, go see it and I promise you won’t return the same person you left as.

Finally, my traveling has sparked back up. Since December, I have been in Florida for 10 days, Sanibel Island and it was beautiffffuull! We rented JetSkiis and found wild dolphins, spent days on end laying on white sandy beaches and breathed in all the salt water air I could. I’m totally and will forever be a beach girl.

I took a quick unexpected trip to see my best friend in North Carolina when my flights all got cancelled which worked out to be a blessing in disguise. Ash and I haven’t been together in way too many years and though it was a quick visit, it was so perfect.

Last but definitely not least, I finally went and stayed in New York City which TOTALLY stole my heart, I can’t wait to go back.

All three trips were perfect.

I hope to get back to my blog and write. I can’t promise that it will all be travel based, Au pair based or Germany based.. Although I can’t wait to get back to all three of those things.

A quick post for now, but I’ll be back, I promise!






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