When life hands you lemons..

Per my last post, I pretty much let the cat out of the bag that I was looking into teaching English. I searched for countless hours, talked to multiple people who all had great information and lost lots of sleep trying to get everything in order.

Instead of applying for a job at an English teaching school, International Kindergarten or University, I decided that I wanted to teach English privately but still have the knowledge and skills that a certificate offered. Also, my destination was set to Switzerland, and getting a visa in Switz proved to be just out right hard.

I did everything I possible could have. I tried applying here and had people trying to figure out things there but in the end it just wouldn’t work. Switzerland is known to be one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and while me not getting the visa seemed to be a negative situation at the time, for the country itself Switzerland really has their shit together. Switzerland will not give a working visa to someone that is not of EU citizen status unless the employer can actually prove that there is absolutely no one within Switzerland that is capable and willing to do said job. That being said, there are thousands of Swiss that want and are more than capable of teaching English. You also have to prove that if you haven’t “found” a perfect candidate, that you have posted said job on government monitored websites for a minimum of 6 months and that the person coming to fill your position has extensive degrees and funding to stay in Switzerland.

In the end, it didn’t happen. BUT THAT’S OKAY.

I am a firm believer that life will put you where you are meant to be, and at that time I just wasn’t meant to be in Switzerland. Where was I meant to be? Where was I pulled to. Why did I pick Switzerland? I picked Switzerland because it was close to GERMANY. Germany was where my heart was, I was just trying to convince my head of other wise.

Life, always, 100% of the time will guide your heart. Life will also hand you lemons.

Throw the lemons out.


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