two days to go..

Two days.

Two days to go until I leave once again and begin a life in Germany. As I sit here with family on a quick treck to Dayton, OH; it’s crazy to think that in less than 48 hours I will be airport bound and a huge airplane trying to get comfortable and sleep away any incoming jet lag.

Although not as long this time around, I still find myself with the same nerving feeling as I had back in 2012 when I left for what was supposed to be a year long expedition in Europe. Although it was an absolutely incredible experience, it was a huge learning curve, and I think immaturity and not being as open as I could have been really hindered what I experienced in the months I spent living in the small city of Dorfen. Obviously, that ended abruptly and sent me back to the states for the next two years until it finally landed me here, two days before leaving again. And I am so excited.

It’s funny, being this close to becoming an expat again has really forced me to spend a lot of time realizing all I have learned from my first experience and all that I still have yet to learn, just waiting for me to experience it. I really, truthfully miss the feeling of constantly learning, always absorbing and having the curiousity of a child when it came to the remarkable history that Europe has to offer.

Two days until I get all that back and the passion I have is ignited once again.



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