Grüße aus Deutschland: Round two let’s go!

It’s taken me a long time but I have finally had the time and energy to sit down and write an update about arriving in Germany, and with that… I’m here! Per usual, jet lag has gotten the best of me since I arrived, which I completely expected and was delivered in full force. I lost a night in transit, so I stayed up until 8pm the day I arrived and slept like a baby…….for three hours. Then it was on and off and I was up every hour on the hour, which lead to much of my first few days either asleep or fighting to stay awake with a clouded head. Anyways, I’m on the straight and narrow now and I think I have officially beaten jet lag.

The first few days have been great. Alina and Steve have been super welcoming and gone out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. They’re still moving into this house, so things are a little crazy but they still put making sure I was settled in correctly first, which I hugely appreciated. Both boys are fun, energetic, happy little guys. Milo laughs at anything and everything and loves to play outside, and Luke loves anything Milo loves, laughs when anyone else smiles. He is Milo’s little shadow and it’s really cute to watch them interact and play together. I was really impressed with Milo’s English the last few days, though. Even in just four, short days he has already started using English more than the day I arrived. When asked a question in English, he answers in English. Most of the time he will throw an English word into a German sentence if he doesn’t know how to say the entire thing. Having an American father and growing up hearing English, but being raised in Germany with a German mother obviously automatically instills the understanding of both languages from the start, however the speaking of both languages comes a lot slower when one language is spoken more over the other. Que- Hanley- and when I am constantly speaking English to Alina- Alina is speaking it back- Steve chimes in- Milo asks a question- it’s answered in English- we play in English- suddenly he becomes completely surrounded by English instead of German, which is why and how he is able to pick it up so quickly. This is also the sole purpose of this whole ordeal- surround a child with a language and they pick up on it.
Anyways, due to the jet lag being so crazy I really haven’t had a chance to get out and explore much. We have done a lot of running around, and I really love how central this area is to everything. Rammstein Airbase, Wiesbaden, and Mainz are all just a few minutes away. Wiesbaden seems to be huge- so I am really excited to have something so near by that has absolutely everything. Friday, I am going to a Weinfest with two ladies that I met before I arrived and Saturday is Milo’s birthday party. Thankfully, the weather also starts to cool off, as its been above 85 everyday with no air conditioning. WITH that said, it hasn’t been near as bad as I expected and we have stayed busy enough to try and ignore it.
Today, we went for a quick drive around Walluf as I had seen the surrounding areas but not the actual town I am in. This morning, I took the boys for a walk through the vineyards. Did I just say that? Yes, I am completely surrounded by wine vineyards. Walluf is called the “Gates to the wine region”
How freaking cool. I can’t wait to explore.
And how long have I waited for this kind of view again?! It’s so stinking cute.
image image

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