dear family

This is the letter that landed me here.


Dear Family,

Hello! My name is Hanley and I am writing to tell you a little about myself and the type of family I am hoping to go and live with England this upcoming year.

I am 21 years old and I live in Indiana, which is a small town in the Northern United States of America, right below Lake Michigan and about 30 miles from Chicago. l have lived here for thirteen years, and have lived in this area my entire life.

So what am I like? Well, I always try to be happy and friendly and helpful to other people whenever l can. I am very outgoing, and I soon get to know people and have lots of friends because of my fun personality.

At the moment I am still at school and I live with my mother. My mother manages my step-fathers small business. She is a very hard worker and has instilled that in me also.

I have one older brother, Jeffrey, who is 26. He is married and has three children, whom are all my pride and joy. Lexus, the oldest is just starting school, and she learns something new everyday! She has taught Kailyn, the youngest all her colors and where her nose, eyes and mouth is by the age of two! Levi, the only boy is a little powerhouse. He loves to play outside and get into whatever he can get his little boy hands on!

As I Write this letter I am in the middle of my college. l started studying for my Elementary Education degree with a focus in Literary Arts. l am sure I will do well as I have a passion for both children and for watching them learn. I love teaching.

Being an Au Pair means much more to me than just childcare. Being an Au Pair means becoming a member of the family, upholding their family morals and values and helping to raise a successful child.  I have a love and passion for children and learning, and I know that I am the perfect candidate for this job. I can be fun and loving while providing structure and routine to every family. Through play and work, I know that I have the skills, knowledge, patience and perseverance to successfully bring about all of these factors in everyday living.

I do enjoy horse riding and cycling and also going to the theater and the cinema when I get the chance. I love taking the train to visit Chicago whenever I get the chance, since we live so close. I also spend a lot of time with children, and participate in The Friendship Foundation Charity every winter.

With an older brother, and living so close to Chicago comes a LOVE for Chicago sports! I absolutely love watching baseball, hockey and basketball games, but my favorite is football! I love the Chicago Bears!  l also like cooking, and if l become your au pair I will really look forward to cooking you some true American food such as cheeseburgers, apple pie and pizza! (I also have to throw in my famous Pumpkin Roll!)

When I leave school — and after I have finished my year as an au pair — l am planning to go on to teacher training college and train to become an English teacher. I already have a place for next year, my own elementary school. I am really looking forward to this and have wanted to become a teacher for a long time, but it will be nice to spend a year as an au pair first. I feel it will really benefit and broaden my spectrum in many ways. I LOVE to travel and am so curious to explore different cultures and parts of the world.

If you choose me as your au pair then I am sure we will have a great time! I know I will be able to enjoy your country and your culture. I am quite a good teacher, as well as a friend and would love to become both to you and your family.

I hope this letter has given you some idea about me and what l am like and l hope to be able to meet you in the future

Yours faithfully,



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